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Art by SIGELLE was an exhibition of multimedia artworks by Sigelle Oldenburg (1900-1984). Born in Stockholm as Sigrid Elisabeth Lindforss, Sigelle was a trained opera singer, music teacher, mother, and artist who regularly created vibrant works of color and collage. Sigelle used simple tools—felt markers, paper, and her boundless imagination—to create whimsical shapes and forms, usually giving her work away as gifts to her friends and family.

Art by SIGELLE was complemented by a space in the gallery devoted to art making, where visitors were encouraged to discover their own creative side. One of the primary goals was to inspire children's engagement with, and enjoyment of, Sigelle Oldenburg's use of color, pattern, and common materials. Visitors of all ages had the opportunity to express themselves visually and play with color, shape, texture, and line using interesting art supplies, suggested techniques/projects, and other educational tools. Children could even hang their colorful creations in the very same gallery as SIGELLE for other visitors to enjoy.

Exhibition no longer on display.

American Swedish Historical Museum - Art by Sigelle