The American Swedish Historical Museum offers a variety of educational programs for all audiences. From school programs, to Swedish language classes to Swedish genealogy, the Museum has something for learners of all ages. 

Programs for School Children

Choose from a variety of programs for Pre-K to 12th Grade, at the museum or at your location. Choose a specific subset of programs, above, or browse through all, below.

Contact our Museum Educator at (215) 389-1776 ext. 108 or email

My 1st Museum for Preschools (at ASHM)

It’s never too early to introduce world culture to preschoolers! The American Swedish Historical Museum is excited to offer specially designed programs for Pre-K students that build and reinforce early learning skills. The My 1st Museum program engages children through interactive stories, music, games, art, and museum exploration.  Children will get a personal introduction to museum culture. Each program conforms to specific Pennsylvania pre-kindergarten learning standards with preprogram materials available to assist teachers get students ready for their experience.

Cost: $5.00 per child, minimum and maximum attendance rules apply, call for details.

Children will learn about adaptations of animals native to the cold climate of Sweden. 

Children will reinforce their knowledge of the five senses through interactive stories and music movement.  Toddlers will visit five rooms in the museum and test each of their senses.

Enter the unique world of Swedish born author Astrid Lindgren and her famous character Pippi Longstocking. Children will be introduced to Pippi through hands on exploration of our interactive exhibit.

This art inspired program will reinforce knowledge of shapes and color through interactive songs and stories. Children will discover that art isn’t just on paper during this interactive lesson introducing sculpture.

My 1st Museum for Preschools (at your Location)

Bring the program that engages children through interactive stories, music, games, art, and museum exploration to your preschool.  Children will get a personal introduction to museum culture. Each program conforms to specific Pennsylvania pre-kindergarten learning standards with preprogram materials available to assist teachers get students ready for their experience.

Cost: $100.00 for groups within 20 miles. Additional travel costs apply for further distances.

If your preschool provides subsidized care for students, inquire about becoming a program partner with ASHM to receive financial aid towards the program fee and transportation.

Children will discover the wonderful world of textiles and learn how wool from a sheep is made into new clothes.

Children will explore all modes of transportation and see at how people get around both in the U.S and Sweden.

Sweden is a leader when it comes to recycling. Children will learn resources can be reused instead of thrown away by playing games and making art with recycled materials.

Children will build those language and math skills by reinforcing their knowledge of the alphabet and learn how to count in English and Swedish.

School Groups (at ASHM)

Plan a field trip with your class to the museum. We provide pre-visit and post-visit materials for you to use in the classroom.

Cost: Onsite programs are $5 per student, with a minimum charge of $60. One adult per children is required, additional adults are $5 per person.

Payment is due the day of your visit. Scholarships are available to qualifying groups thanks to the generosity of corporate, foundation and individual sponsors. Please contact the Education Department for eligibility and availability information.

Education program scholarships are generously funded by the Swedish Council of America.

The adventures of Sweden’s favorite storybook hero, Pippi Longstocking, come alive at the Museum. Enjoy tales from this beloved children’s series while traveling through the Museum galleries as a “thing-finder”, creating a Dala horse craft, and tasting Pippi’s favorite cookies – pepparkakor.

Did you know that the Swedes were the first Europeans to settle the Delaware Valley? This program focuses on the founding and legacy of the New Sweden Colony, established in 1638 along the Delaware River. Using Museum collections and hands-on artifacts, children will explore how and why the settlement began, learn more about Swedish relations with local Native Americans, and experience elements of colonial daily life, like making real butter! Discover what traces of the New Sweden Colony remain today in Philadelphia and the surrounding area - perfect for children studying Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware History.


Click here to explore the New Sweden Gallery and map!

Pre-Activity New Sweden Colony194.44 KB
Post-Activity New Sweden Colony392.65 KB
Philadelphia: The Great Experiment Teacher Resources Full Episode- A Lost World (1600-1680)  167.95 KB

Participate in a Swedish holiday tradition – the Lucia festival. Lucia, the saint of light, has long been honored on December 13th, the longest night of the year. Children will learn the legend of Lucia, explore Swedish Christmas traditions, and experience the magic of a traditional Lucia procession. Don’t forget your camera!

Celebrate holidays the Swedish way! Even though we may celebrate some of the same holidays in the United States, Swedes have many unique traditions. From Midsommarfest, to Easter, to the Lucia festival before Christmas, children will participate in and discover how Swedish holidays differ from our own.

Art connects cultures around the world and the American Swedish Historical Museum is the perfect place to introduce students to the world of art. The museum was built in 1926 and features 12 galleries highlighting traditional and modern artistic Scandinavian styles. Our Art at the Museum program introduces children to the foundational concepts of art and then leads them through each gallery to find unique examples. At the conclusion of the program children will get to make their own traditional Swedish folk art to take home!  ASHM is the perfect introduction field trip experience due to its intimate setting. Your group will have exclusive access to the galleries and view one of a kind artworks that link culture and history. From towering ceiling murals to sculpture, glass works, and paintings, ASHM has it all!

Take a journey back in time to the age of the Vikings (800-1100 AD). Children will examine a 1,000 year-old sword, dress up in Viking armor, and use hands-on artifacts to discover more about this often misunderstood culture, and how we are still impacted by it today. Highlights include making rune stones and playing Viking chess (hnefatafl).

Pre-Activity Viking Lesson167.11 KB
Post-Activity Viking Lesson196.2 KB

Challenge your navigational skills as you get to know this popular Swedish sport. Participate in an environmental education activity that teaches children how to use a compass and map. Children will take part in a scavenger hunt and record findings in a field journal.

This is an indoor/outdoor program that takes place in the museum and the surrounding Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park.

Pre-Activity Orienteering259.51 KB
Post-Activity Orienteering242.08 KB

Lessons at your Location

Bring the Museum to your classroom, local library or recreation center. These fun and interactive presentations give children a chance to experience part of the Museum collection at your location.

Cost: $100 for groups within 20 miles. Additional travel costs apply as follows: 21-50 miles away $50, 51-100 miles away $100, 101-150 miles away $150.

Payment is due on the day of your program. Outreach lessons are 60 minutes, recommended group size is 25 children. Programs can be scheduled back to back for larger groups. Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice is required for cancellations, if less than 24 hour notice is given, you will be billed for the number of reserved students.

Looking for a specially focused program to suit your students’ needs? Please contact the Education Department to make arrangements.

Explore the country of Sweden, “land of the midnight sun.” Find out how the changing seasons affect Swedish life while looking at beautiful photographs, dressing up in traditional costumes and creating

Participants will make a Dala horse craft – an icon of Swedish culture. This hands-on program will transport children across the world, without ever leaving your location.

Bring the Viking Age to your location. Examine reproduction Viking artifacts while learning about Longships, mythology and trade. Create your own Viking rune stone, and learn how to play Viking chess (hnefatafl).

Why sit and listen to a lecture about the people and places in the New Sweden Colony when students can become the historical figures from the 1630’s! In this entirely interactive outreach program, the classroom becomes a stage on which students act out the dramatic story of the Colony from rise to fall. Students will also get to explore what life was like for the colonists by analyzing artifacts and creating a log cabin to take home.

Did you know that Minecraft, Candy Crush, Bluetooth technology, Spotify, and Skype are all Swedish inventions? This program gives students a personal glimpse into life in Sweden today. Museum staff will be on hand to introduce Swedish culture, politics, environmental policies, and technology innovations to students. This is a perfect program to pair with a multicultural curriculum.

Join the American Swedish Historical Museum for the 2020 Collaborative Summer Reading Program to discover the wonders of Scandinavian mythology and folklore. 

Explore the art of storytelling with the American Swedish Historical Museum! Children will learn about story structure and common themes through Scandinavian folklore and fairytales such as The Ice Queen, Stone Soup, and Knos the Giant. We will then create new characters and plot to act out our own fairytale! This program will also discuss Norse mythology and Viking sagas to compare how different cultures create origin stories to understand the natural world.

The program is 60 minutes long and the cost is $100 (additional travel fees apply for sessions more than 20 miles away). Contact Lauren Burnham, Education & Public Program Manager, at or (215) 389-1776 x 106, to book your program today!

2020 Summer Library Outreach Program Flyer.pdf1.34 MB

Introduce children to the adventures of Sweden’s favorite storybook hero, Pippi Longstocking. In this fun and interactive program, children will act out Pippi’s antics by becoming “thing finders,” playing Pippi’s games, creating a Dala horse craft and tasting Pippi’s favorite cookies – pepparkakor.