From the age of the Vikings to the settlers of the New Sweden Colony (1638-1655), to contemporary issues in Scandinavian society, the American Swedish Historical Museum will take you back in time and across the sea to learn the stories of Swedes in America.

“better shelter”

Presented in conjunction with the Where the Children Sleep exhibition

Designed by an enterprise partnering with the IKEA Foundation and the UNHCR, these refugee shelters offer displaced persons a secure, adaptable, and dignified place to live. Four people can build a ‘better shelter’ in about four hours and, due to their lightweight materials, these shelters can be shipped worldwide. While unable to replace homes lost to war, these shelters provide refugees with amenities that improve day-to-day life such as solar-powered lamps and ventilation. The American Swedish Historical Museum’s ‘better shelter’ and accompanying text panels will be installed on the Museum’s lawn.

To learn more about better shelter, visit their website here.

American Swedish Historical Museum - Better Shelter exhibition
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