From the age of the Vikings to the settlers of the New Sweden Colony (1638-1655), to contemporary issues in Scandinavian society, the American Swedish Historical Museum will take you back in time and across the sea to learn the stories of Swedes in America.

Printscapes: Impressions of Nature by Rachelle Puryear and Lars Nyberg

The American Swedish Historical Museum presented the work of Stockholm artists Rachelle Puryear and Lars Nyberg. Puryear and Nyberg differ in methodology and style, but share a love for nature and the art of printing. Puryear creates etchings, screenprints and photogravure that originate from her impressions of nature and poetry. Nyberg’s drypoints depicting Swedish winters appear sparsely drawn, but each image erupts with detail upon closer investigation. Both artists share an interest in observation and attending to the details of life. They take a familiar section of reality, whether it’s a leaf, a building, or a tree, and present it as something new to be explored for the very first time. Visitors could use magnifying glasses to study the intricate details of the etchings and drypoints. The artists’ tools, etched plates, and paper substrates further express the diverse realms of printmaking.

The Printscapes exhibition was organized as part of the Philagrafika 2010: Independent Projects. Philagrafika, the organizing body of Philagrafika 2010, is a nonprofit arts organization in Philadelphia that provides leadership for large-scale, collaborative initiatives with broad public exposure.

Exhibition no longer on display.

American Swedish Historical Museum - Printscapes