From the age of the Vikings to the settlers of the New Sweden Colony (1638-1655), to contemporary issues in Scandinavian society, the American Swedish Historical Museum will take you back in time and across the sea to learn the stories of Swedes in America.

Radically Marimekko

For over 70 years, Marimekko has infused art into the clothes and interiors of our everyday lives. Rising from the ashes of WWII, Marimekko’s colorful fabrics and openness to experimentation brought together the textile traditions of Finland with innovative and bold designs based on the changing tastes and aesthetics of the contemporary art world.

Led by a series of Finnish women designers and innovators, Marimekko has successfully blurred the lines between fine and decorative arts, cementing Finland as one of the most important design centers in the world. Radically Marimekko will trace the brand’s path from industrial art house to its present-day status as a fashion icon. Marimekko continues to enhance our relationship with patterns and colors by bringing bold and vibrant sensibilities to life.


Image caption: Tie (Piccolo cotton fabric), Marimekko, manufacturer 1960-1969, The National Museum of Finland