2020 Summer Library Program - Scandinavian Storytelling

Grade Level
K-6th Grade

Join the American Swedish Historical Museum for the 2020 Collaborative Summer Reading Program to discover the wonders of Scandinavian mythology and folklore. 

Explore the art of storytelling with the American Swedish Historical Museum! Children will learn about story structure and common themes through Scandinavian folklore and fairytales such as The Ice Queen, Stone Soup, and Knos the Giant. We will then create new characters and plot to act out our own fairytale! This program will also discuss Norse mythology and Viking sagas to compare how different cultures create origin stories to understand the natural world.

The program is 60 minutes long and the cost is $100 (additional travel fees apply for sessions more than 20 miles away). Contact Lauren Burnham, Education & Public Program Manager, at lburnham@americanswedish.org or (215) 389-1776 x 106, to book your program today!