The American Swedish Historical Museum offers a variety of educational programs for all audiences. From school programs, to Swedish language classes to Swedish genealogy, the Museum has something for learners of all ages. 

Programs for School Children

Virtual Lessons

Discover the American Swedish Historical Museum online from your classroom! Our virtual programs are 1 hour long including an interactive lesson, activities, and a craft. Craft templates and some materials are provided with the program. Pre and post-program materials are available for select programs.

Cost: Online programs are $100 for up to 30 students per lesson.

Take a journey back in time to the age of the Vikings (800-1100 AD). Children will examine the life of the Vikings and view artifacts to discover more about this often misunderstood culture, and how we are still impacted by it today. Highlights include writing a Viking Saga and learning about runes.

Learn about Carl Linnaeus and the taxonomic system he created to classify animals and plants. This program explores how Linnaeus’s work is still used in science today and encourages students to explore the nature around them, just like explorer Pehr Kalm when he came to North America. 

Did you know that Minecraft, Candy Crush, Bluetooth technology, Spotify, and Skype are all Swedish inventions? This program gives students a personal glimpse into life in Sweden today. Museum staff will be on hand to introduce Swedish culture, politics, environmental policies, and technology innovations to students. This is a perfect program to pair with a multicultural curriculum.

Did you know that the Swedes were the first Europeans to settle in the Delaware Valley? This program focuses on the founding and legacy of the New Sweden Colony, established in 1638 along the Delaware River. Using Museum collections children will explore how and why the settlement began, learn more about Swedish relations with local Native Americans, and experience elements of colonial daily life! Discover what traces of the New Sweden Colony remain today in Philadelphia and the surrounding area - perfect for children studying Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware History.

The adventures of Sweden’s favorite storybook hero, Pippi Longstocking, come alive at the Museum. Enjoy tales from this beloved children’s series while traveling through the Museum galleries as a “thing-finder”, creating a Dala horse craft, and learning about Pippi’s friends.

Participate in a Swedish holiday tradition – the Lucia festival. Lucia, the saint of light, has long been honored on December 13th, the longest night of the year. Children will learn the legend of Lucia, explore Swedish Christmas traditions, and experience the magic of a traditional Lucia procession through videos and music.

Explore the art of storytelling with the American Swedish Historical Museum! Children will learn about story structure and common themes through Scandinavian folklore and fairytales such as The Ice Queen, Stone Soup, and Knos the Giant. We will then create new characters and plot to act out our own fairytale! This program will also discuss Norse mythology and Viking sagas to compare how different cultures create origin stories to understand the natural world.