Outreach Lessons

Bring the Museum to your classroom, local library, or recreation center. These fun and interactive presentations allow children to experience part of the Museum collection at your location. Outreach lessons are 60 minutes, recommended group size is 25 children. Programs can be scheduled back to back for larger groups.

Cost: $150 for groups within 20 miles. Additional travel costs apply 21-50 miles away add $50, 51-100 miles away add $100, and 101-150 miles away add $150. Payment is due on the day of your program.

Sweden Today!

Did you know that Minecraft, Candy Crush, Bluetooth technology, Spotify, and Skype are all Swedish inventions? This program gives students a personal glimpse into life in Sweden today. Museum staff will be on hand to introduce Swedish culture, politics, environmental policies, and technology innovations to students. This is a perfect program to pair with a multicultural curriculum.

Meet Pippi Longstocking

Introduce children to the adventures of Sweden’s favorite storybook hero, Pippi Longstocking. In this fun and interactive program, children will act out Pippi’s antics by becoming “thing finders,” playing Pippi’s games, creating a Dala horse craft.

Swedish Holiday Traditions

Explore the country of Sweden, “land of the midnight sun.” Find out how the changing seasons affect Swedish life while looking at beautiful photographs, dressing up in traditional costumes and creating

Participants will make a Dala horse craft – an icon of Swedish culture. This hands-on program will transport children across the world, without ever leaving your location.

Voyaging Vikings

Bring the Viking Age to your location. Examine reproduction Viking artifacts while learning about Longships, mythology and trade. Create your own Viking rune stone, and learn how to play Viking chess (hnefatafl).

New Sweden Colony

Why sit and listen to a lecture about the people and places in the New Sweden Colony when students can become the historical figures from the 1630’s! In this entirely interactive outreach program, the classroom becomes a stage on which students act out the dramatic story of the Colony from rise to fall. Students will also get to explore what life was like for the colonists by analyzing artifacts and creating a log cabin to take home.

Gemenskap Games: Making Friends the Nordic Way!

Explore community and friendship with the American Swedish Historical Museum! Gemenskap means community in Swedish, and during this program, children will learn about Nordic communities through team-building STEAM activities. Participants will play Viking games, make a paper heart craft, repair a fishing net like a Sami village, and build models of the Sara Cultural Center in Sweden, one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world! Discover what it means to be a vän (friend) in Sweden.